Concentrations and Research Areas

Concentrations and Research Areas of the Graduate Program of Chemical Engineering, Materials and Environmental Processes
    Chemical Engineering (AEQ) Materials and Nanotechnology (AMN) Environmental Processes (PAM)
  • Process Modeling, Optimization, Control, and Automation
  • Chemical Processes and Catalysis
  • Mining-Metallurgical Processes
  • Synthesis, Processing, and Materials Characterization
  • Performance and Integrity of Materials
  • Microstructural Engineering
  • Green Chemistry
  • Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Waste treatment
  • DEQM’s postgraduate studies and research are divided into three major areas (AEQ, AMN and PAM), each of which are subdivided into three areas of research. Through this classification, it is possible to better meet the demands for technological development, both working in new research areas and training the new professionals capable of responding to the new challenges and demands of the job market. Therefore, it covers a vast area of ​​knowledge, encompassing chemistry, processes, materials, nanotechnology, and environmental engineering.