Defense guidelines

In addition to curricular requirements, students should adhere to specific guidelines listed below. 



Document model 

Follows the standard of the texts produced at PUC-Rio, according to the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards. The existing models are on the Microsoft Word platform and LateX , which can also be found on the PUC page .

Pre-requisite for setting the date 

It is necessary to provide the proof of submission of at least one manuscript to a Qualis magazine (Capes). For Master’s Dissertations, accepted are A4 to A1 journals, while for Doctoral Theses, A2 to A1 journals are accepted.


To schedule the defense you must fill out and submit via e-mail the completed form Pedido de Composição de Banca together with the summary thesis section to the graduate secretariat. You should copy the supervising teacher in the email. The defense must be scheduled within 10 to 60 days after the end of the semester, as set in the official calendar. It is necessary to pay attention to the dates.


Following the University initiatives to curb plagiarism in Master’s Dissertations and Doctoral Theses, the DEQM Graduate Commission approved and recommended the following deliberations:

  1. copy of the final version of the Dissertation/Thesis, already distributed to the members of the Examining Committee, must also be delivered in PDF (only the text starting from the introduction up to future works without pre-textual, post-textual, and bibliographic references ) to the DEQM Graduate Secretariat, minimum of 5 days prior to the scheduled defense date;
  2. The graduate secretary will be responsible for running the file in the Plagius program and delivering the result to the President of the Committee (advisor) before the defense;
    1. If plagiarism greater than 30%, it is recommended to fail the Dissertation/Thesis;
    2. In cases where plagiarism between 10% and 30%, approval can be considered, recommending that it be “conditioned to the requirements made by the examiners”.
  3. The final version will be verified again, and to be accepted and forwarded to the CTC Decanate it must contain less than 10% of plagiarism
  4. In order to contribute to these verifications, the DEQM will provide a key to access Plagius Program for all professors working in Post-Graduation (supervisors);
  5. Issues not covered in these resolutions will be dealt with by CPG / DEQM.


It is not necessary to deliver the printed version of the dissertations and theses defended at PUC-Rio, only the digital version. However, the termo de aprovação must be sent without the signature of the Theses Committee and without mentioning the sectorial coordinators.

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