Daqeq Student Union

Daqeq logoChemistry and Chemical and Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology Student Union (Daqeq PUC-Rio) is a nonprofit student representative body. Student representatives partake in the fight for students’ rights, seeking to improve the quality of studies, university infrastructure and to promote academic, cultural, and social events. Daqeq brings together both student and university faculty and staff, through activities that seek to enrich students in all aspects of their training: academic weeks, organization of delegations for congresses, lectures, and social gatherings. Daqueq is always active on social media



Fixed events:

  • SQM PUC-Rio – Symposium on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Materials at PUC-Rio week offers various activities with the purpose of furthering academic knowledge. Since its 1st edition, in 2017, SQM has brought students lectures, short courses, workshops, and technical visits, thus promoting the integration between our university and participating companies.


  • Churrasquim – is a barbecue organized and promoted by the members of the student union for Chemistry and DEQM students. In this event, the students can get to know each other better and exchange information about the university. Faculty are also invited to participate.


  • Conferences – the Chemical Engineering department conferences are events that take place at the regional and international level. They are the best way to get to know the student community of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Engineering and Materials Science. Lectures, short courses, workshops, technical visits, cultural events, and scientific exhibitions are offered, and students have the opportunity to submit scientific papers, for which the PUC-Rio student union has already received awards and recognitions. Some of these congresses are:
    • Coreeq
    • Coneeq
    • Colaiq
    • Cecemm